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Percussion and organ, a somewhat surprising combination with a surprisingly pleasing sound, now has its own duo of performers. Clive Driskill-Smith, the young English organist sensation, has teamed up with the young American percussion virtuoso Joseph Gramley.

Organized Rhythm blew the crowd away with their rendition of Holst's Planets … this program was incredibly appealing and can serve as a vehicle to pique youngsters' interest in the organ and classical music - highly recommended!” (The Diapason 2013)

“Absolutely incredible! ...A stunning program! …Loved the Jupiter! ...‘Twas great watching Gramley get ‘round all the gourds and guiros, accompanying organ solos with extremely adept mallet work, too! …An outstanding performance! …Clear highlight of the [convention]!! ...The show-stopper of the week! …BRAVO for these talented young men!”  [Ratings: highest-plus.] — compiled from evaluations & ratings of Organized Rhythm’s program at the June 2009 AGO Region VI Convention, Pipes on the Plains

Clive Driskill-Smith is one of the leading organists of his generation. Hailed as a "star of a new generation" (Evening Standard), critics have praised his "blazing technique" and "unbelievable virtuosity" (American Guild of Organists) and described his performances as "intensely moving" and "truly breathtaking" (Organo Pleno Melbourne).

Born in 1978, Clive was awarded the Sheila Mossman Memorial Prize by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music before winning a Music Scholarship to Eton College in 1990. From 1992 to 1994, he played the bassoon in the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain and in the National Youth Chamber Orchestra. After a year as Organ Scholar at Winchester Cathedral and Assistant Organist at Winchester College, he went up to Christ Church, Oxford University, as the Christopher Tatton Organ Scholar. While at Christ Church, he was awarded the ARCM (Associate of the Royal College of Music) diploma in Piano Performance and the FRCO (Fellow of the Royal College of Organists) diploma with the Limpus, Shinn and Durrant Prizes and the Worshipful Company of Musicians' Silver Medal. He graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Music in 1999 and with the MPhil in 2001.

"Tremendous vitality, character, and sophistication" is how conductor Christoph Eschenbach describes the playing of multi-percussionist Joseph Gramley.  Multi-percussionist Joseph Gramley is a professor of music at the University of Michigan and a director of the university's famed Percussion Ensemble.

Gramley’s dynamic and exciting performances as a soloist have garnered critical acclaim and enthusiasm from emerging composers, percussion aficionados and first-time concert-goers alike.  He is committed to bringing fresh and inventive compositions to a broad public, and each year he commissions and premieres a number of new works.   His first solo recording,American Deconstruction, an expert rendition of five milestone works in multi-percussion’s huge new modern repertoire, appeared in 2000 and was reissued in 2006.   His second CD, Global Percussion, was released in 2005. A YouTube performance of the Milhaud Percussion Concerto will be released in 2013.

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